The Red Room Company presents The Disappearing, a new app that (literally) explores poetry and place. Transform the world around you with new poems by some of Australia’s finest poets, through a poetic map charting traces, fragmentary histories, impressions and memories.
BLUE poems are featured works specially commissioned by The Red Room Company for this project.
RED poems were selected to be part of The Disappearing collection.
YELLOW poems are user-generated works uploaded to the app.
GREEN poems were written by students as part of Papercuts, The Red Room Company's creative literacy program.
Beginning with a collection of over 100 poems about Sydney, The Disappearing will stretch across Australia during 2012.
Along with previously unpublished poetry, The Disappearing features exclusive videos of readings and interviews with poets.
Upload your own poems to The Disappearing, preserving ideas, emotions and experiences about their own environment that vanish over time.
The Disappearing was only possible because of the generosity of our loyal supporters. The Red Room Company gives its heartfelt thanks to:
John B. Fairfax
Turning Studios
GM Walker 

Isadora Noble

Jeanette Lans

Don Featherstone

Sholto Macpherson

David Gilbey

Leni Shilton 

Luke Beesley 

Kim Spinks 

Angela Gardner 

Wendy Fleming 

Totem T Totem 

Becca Hazleden 

Carmen Keates

Andy Quan 

Lucy Alexander 

Samantha Denmark 

Therese Spruhan 

James Stuart

Karen Andrews 

Charmaine Wong

Derek Motion 

Ruth Easton

Alida Fellows

Troy Lever 

Tim Sinclair 

Ian Pettit 

Genevieve Osborne 

Michael Sharkey 

Cherise Lily Nana Asmah

Annamaria Weldon 

Adam Aitken

Mike Ladd 

Prue Greene 

Kate Lilley

Ivy Ireland 

Nicholas Flittner

Fiona Privitera

Jessica Wilkinson

Miles Merrill 

Elizabeth Webby 

Hannah Jenkin 

Astrid Lorange

Jill Jones

Aden Rolfe

Dael Allison

Anne Crooks

Matthew McCarron 

Jacqueline Rose

Candy Royalle 

Toby Fitch

Nick Fairfax

Carol Jenkins 

Linda Godfrey

Philip Salom

Sophie Staughton

Paul Ruiz

Judith Bishop

Tim Heffernan

Matthew Porter

Henry Ergas

Tricia Dearborn

Rachael Mead

Kelli McGraw

Ian Gibbins

Julia Tsalis

Emilie Zoey Baker 

Rhiannon Burner

David Falcon

Andy Jackson 

Lachlan Brown 

Anna Kerdijk Nicholson

Thomas Keily 

Kim Jeffs 

Bonny Cassidy 

Claire Coumbis

Michael Hier

Nik Rodden

Scott Sandwich

Piers Grove