The Red Room Company

The Red Room Company is a not-for-profit organisation based in Sydney, Australia. We create, promote and publish new poetry by Australian writers, in unusual ways. Through a range of forms such as radio, podcast, live performance and collaboration with artists and designers, we broaden the public's definition of and experience with high quality Australian poetry. Our projects focus on commissioning new work and developing imaginative contexts in which this poetry can be creatively and critically explored. We focus on supporting the work of young and emerging writers through individual projects, and are increasingly interested in engaging with regional and remote Australian voices. In 2007, we piloted our national poetry education program, Papercuts, which was launched nationally in March 2009.

The Red Room Company grew out of the Red Room Radio Show on 89.7fm Eastside Radio. Produced and presented by Johanna Featherstone, Red Room Radio began in 2001. The show broadcast original poetry, writing, reviews and interviews with Australian writers to a local Sydney audience. Its focus was on bringing new poetry and writing to a wide audience that included poets, poetry lovers and those listeners not normally familiar with poetry.

In 2002, the Red Room Epic project was created, commissioning 30 writers under 35 years of age to write poetry for national community radio broadcast and online. Poets were interviewed and an audio epic poem was crafted. This project won the prestigious 'Best New Innovative Radio Program' at the 2002 National Community Radio awards run by the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.

By the end of 2002, the Red Room Radio show and the Red Room project had developed a network of poets and poetry supporters Australia-wide. In order to continue creating original poetry inspired projects for the public in a free and creative environment, Johanna Featherstone established The Red Room Company and is its current Artistic Director.

Since 2008, Mr John B Fairfax AO has acted as Patron to The Red Room Company.

The Red Room Company gratefully acknowledges its previous and current project supporters and our in-kind and private donors for their interest and investment in The Red Room Company and Australian poetry.

We would also like to thank our network of volunteers for their passionate contributions to our projects.