Kent MacCarter

Kent MacCarter, expatriate of Minnesota, Montana and New Mexico, former resident of Florence and Sienna, Italy, is now a permanent resident in Melbourne, Australia with his wife, son and two cats. MacCarter came to Australia in 2004 to study poetry and writing. His first collection of poetry was In The Hungry Middle of Here (Transit Lounge Press). It’s a book that navigates the world, seeking the sounds, textures and tastes that characterise its parts. As university adviser to MacCarter, Chris Wallace-Crabbe had this to say of his work: "MacCarter is the poet as energetic globe-trotter. Wherever he finds himself he notices and records objects, atmosphere, people. His poems are crammed with such perceptiveness."
In 2012, another poetry collection, Ribosome Spreadsheet (Picaro Press), will be released as well as a non-fiction anthology he is currently co-editing, on expatriate writers now living and writing from Australia.
His career in Australia has chiefly been in educational and academic publishing as a developmental editor for multimedia, online resources and ebooks. MacCarter currently sits on the executive board of The Small Press Network, an advocate association for small presses as they meet challenges of the digital revolution in publishing. He is also an active member in Melbourne PEN. MacCarter is Managing Editor of Cordite Poetry Review.